Macomb-Oakland Guardianship, Inc. started in 1982 as part of Oakdale Guardianship, which was founded in 1976.  As the load of clients increased and began to be disbursed throughout the state,  it became necessary to set up different guardianship groups in various regions of the state.   Thus the client would be served better and more economically.  The concept of the whole program is based on the needs of the developmentally disabled population without natural family support, to be represented by an advocacy group, whose sole function consists to serve and monitor their needs.

As the client load increased,  it became necessary for MOGI to separate from Oakdale Guardianship, and to establish an independent organization.  This change took  place in 1984 when MOGI was invited by Macomb-Oakland Regional Center, Inc. to set up an office on their premises to serve the clients located in Macomb and Oakland Counties. 
With the opening of  more and more group homes and foster homes in various areas,  MOGI found itself also representing clients in the Wayne County area through Community Living Services, Inc. 




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